• ILtiAGSOutcome


claim: {
    lineitem?: string;
    lineitems: string;
    scope?: LtiAGSScopeType[];

This claim is included in LTI messages if any of the Assignment and Grade Services are accessible by the tool in the context of the LTI message. https://www.imsglobal.org/spec/lti-ags/v2p0#assignment-and-grade-service-claim

Type declaration

  • Optional lineitem?: string

    when an LTI message is launching a resource associated to one and only one lineitem, the claim must include the endpoint URL for accessing the associated line item; in all other cases, this property must be either blank or not included in the claim.

  • lineitems: string

    the endpoint URL for accessing the line item container for the current context.

  • Optional scope?: LtiAGSScopeType[]

    An array of scopes the tool may ask an access token for.

clientId?: string

Tool deployment client_id

resourceLinkId: string
userId: string

The userId MUST be present and MUST be the same as the resource link LTI parameter 'user_id'.