Interface IConfig<F>

Type Parameters


  • IConfig


setup the backend endpoints to override the default

clientId?: string

The client ID key provided by Annoto


If not set, the widget will throw an error and will not load

features?: F

Enable/disable and configure features Modifying the features will override the backend configured features.


If Feature is not enabled for the license it cannot be enabled via this api.

fsZIndex?: number

same as zIndex, only for when the player is in fullscreen.



Course/group details If provided the discussions on the media will be categorized by groups allowing private discussions per group for same media

hooks?: IHooks

Callback hooks for triggering actions such as auth and getting info

launchSource?: ILaunchSourceConfig

Launch source credentials for widget integration via proxy domain For example LTI

locale?: string

Language code in IETF BCP 47 or ISO/IEC 15897.


permissions?: IPermissions

Widget permissions settings

samlXmlResponse?: string

SAML SSO xml reponse payload of the user to authenticate on setup Notice ssoToken takes presedence if both provided

ssoToken?: string

SSO token of the user to authenticate on setup

ux?: IUx

Configuration options that affect the user experience

widgets: IWidgetConfig<F>[]

Widget configuration settings.


only single widget is supported. the array is for future use.

zIndex?: number

Set the zIndex to appropriate value to make the app visible and not iterfer with other elements.